Latest PSB publications

 January – October 2011


Zinc uptake by Streptococcus pneumoniae depends on both AdcA and AdcAII and is essential for normal bacterial morphology and virulence. By Bayle L, Chimalapati S, Schoehn G, Brown J, Vernet T, Durmort C.
- Mol Microbiol. PMID: 22023106


The full-length Streptococcus pneumoniae major pilin RrgB crystallizes in a fiber-like structure, which presents the D1 isopeptide bond and provides details on the mechanism of pilus polymerization.

By El Mortaji L, Contreras-Martel C, Moschioni M, Ferlenghi I, Manzano C, Vernet T, Dessen A, DI Guilmi AM.
- Biochem J. PMID: 22013894


Semen Clusterin Is a Novel DC-SIGN Ligand.

By Sabatte J, Faigle W, Ceballos A, Morelle W, Rodríguez C, Rodrígues, Remes Lenicov F, Thépaut M, Fieschi F, Malchiodi E, Fernández M, Arenzana-Seisdedos F, Lortat-Jacob H, Michalski JC, Geffner J, Amigorena S.
- J Immunol. PMID: 22013110


Kinetic asymmetry of subunit exchange of homooligomeric protein as revealed by deuteration-assisted small-angle neutron scattering.

By Sugiyama M, Kurimoto E, Yagi H, Mori K, Fukunaga T, Hirai M, Zaccai G, Kato K.
- Biophys J. PMID: 22004758


Essential and supporting host cell factors for HIV-1 budding.

By Dordor A, Poudevigne E, Göttlinger H, Weissenhorn W.
- Future Microbiol. PMID: 22004035


Light it up: Highly efficient multigene delivery in mammalian cells.

By Trowitzsch S, Klumpp M, Thoma R, Carralot JP, Berger I.
- Bioessays. PMID: 22002169


Structural Basis for the Activation of Innate Immune Pattern-Recognition Receptor RIG-I by Viral RNA.

By Kowalinski E., Lunardi T., McCarthy AA., Louber J., Brunel J., Grigorov B., Gerlier D., Cusack S.
- Cell. PMID: 22000019

Epithelial junction opener JO-1 improves monoclonal antibody therapy of cancer.

By Beyer I, van Rensburg R, Strauss R, Li Z, Wang H, Persson J, Yumul R, Feng Q, Song H, Bartek J, Fender P, Lieber A.
- Cancer Res. PMID: 21990319


Conserved Proline-Rich Region of Ebola Virus Matrix Protein VP40 Is Essential for Plasma Membrane Targeting and Virus-Like Particle Release.

By Reynard O, Nemirov K, Page A, Mateo M, Raoul H, Weissenhorn W, Volchkov VE.
- J Infect Dis. PMID: 21987765


Structural insights into the rhabdovirus transcription/replication complex.

By Ivanov I, Yabukarski F, Ruigrok RW, Jamin M.
- Virus Res. PMID:21963663


New 5-benzylidenethiazolidin-4-one inhibitors of bacterial MurD ligase: Design, synthesis, crystal structures, and biological evaluation.

By Zidar N, Tomašić T, Sink R, Kovač A, Patin D, Blanot D, Contreras-Martel C, Dessen A, Premru MM, Zega A, Gobec S, Mašič LP, Kikelj D.
- Eur J Med Chem. PMID: 21963114


Structure of the vesicular stomatitis virus N-p complex.

By Leyrat C, Yabukarski F, Tarbouriech N, Ribeiro EA Jr, Jensen MR, Blackledge M, Ruigrok RW, Jamin M.
- PLoS Pathog. PMID:21960769


The Enzymatic Activities of the Escherichia coli Basic Aliphatic Amino Acid Decarboxylases Exhibit a pH Zone of Inhibition.

By Kanjee U, Gutsche I, Ramachandran S, Houry WA.
- Biochemistry. PMID: 21957966


Structure and properties of the Ca2+-binding CUB domain, a widespread ligand-recognition unit involved in major biological functions.

By Gaboriaud C, Gregory-Pauron L, Teillet F, Thielens NM, Bally I, Arlaud GJ.
- Biochem J. PMID: 21954942


ISPyB: an Information Management System for Synchrotron Macromolecular Crystallography.

By Delageničre S, Brenchereau P, Launer L, Ashton AW, Leal R, Veyrier S, Gabadinho J, Gordon EJ, Jones SD, Levik KE, McSweeney SM, Monaco S, Nanao M, Spruce D, Svensson O, Walsh MA, Leonard GA.
- Bioinformatics. PMID: 21949273


Spectroscopic Characterization of the Metal-Binding Sites in the Periplasmic Metal-Sensor Domain of CnrX from Cupriavidus metallidurans CH34.

By Trepreau J, de Rosny E, Duboc C, Sarret G, Petit-Hartlein I, Maillard AP, Imberty A, Proux O, Covčs J.
- Biochemistry. PMID: 21942751

Structural and functional insights into a dodecameric molecular machine - The RuvBL1/RuvBL2 complex. By Gorynia S, Bandeiras TM, Pinho FG, McVey CE, Vonrhein C, Round A, Svergun DI, Donner P, Matias PM, Carrondo MA.
- J Struct Biol. PMID: 21933716 - EMBL/ESRF

Direct cryocooling of naked crystals: are cryoprotection agents always necessary? By Pellegrini E, Piano D, Bowler MW.
- Acta Crystallogr D. PMID: 21931222 - ESRF

Direct determination of the base-pair force constant of DNA from the acoustic phonon dispersion of the double helix. By van Eijck L, Merzel F, Rols S, Ollivier J, Forsyth VT, Johnson MR.
- Phys Rev Lett. PMID: 21929208 - ILL

Charged multivesicular body protein-2B (CHMP2B) of the endosomal sorting complex required for transport-III (ESCRT-III) polymerizes into helical structures deforming the plasma membrane. By Bodon G, Chassefeyre R, Pernet-Gallay K, Martinelli N, Effantin G, Lutje Hulsik D, Belly A, Goldberg Y, Chatellard-Causse C, Blot B, Schoehn G, Weissenhorn W, Sadoul R.
- J Biol Chem. PMID: 21926173 - UVHCI

Low-temperature chromophore isomerization reveals the photoswitching mechanism of the fluorescent protein padron.

By Regis Faro A, Carpentier P, Jonasson G, Pompidor G, Arcizet D, Demachy I, Bourgeois D.
- J Am Chem Soc. PMID: 21923132 - IBS/ESRF

A boronic-acid-based probe for fluorescence polarization assays with penicillin binding proteins and β-lactamases. By Inglis SR, Strieker M, Rydzik AM, Dessen A, Schofield CJ.
- Anal Biochem. PMID:21925482 - IBS

Site-specific Measurement of Slow Motions in Proteins. By Lewandowski JR, Sass HJ, Grzesiek S, Blackledge M, Emsley L.
- J Am Chem Soc. PMID: 21923156 - IBS

Solid-State NMR Measurements of Asymmetric Dipolar Couplings Provide Insight into Protein Side-Chain Motion. By Schanda P, Huber M, Boisbouvier J, Meier BH, Ernst M.
- Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. PMID: 21915969 - IBS

Rapid measurement of residual dipolar couplings for fast fold elucidation of proteins. By Rasia RM, Lescop E, Palatnik JF, Boisbouvier J, Brutscher B.
- J Biomol NMR. PMID: 21915680 - IBS

Burkholderia cenocepacia BC2L-C Is a Super Lectin with Dual Specificity and Proinflammatory Activity. By Sulák O, Cioci G, Lameignčre E, Balloy V, Round A, Gutsche I, Malinovská L, Chignard M, Kosma P, Aubert DF, Marolda CL, Valvano MA, Wimmerová M, Imberty A.
- PLoS Pathog. PMID: 21909279 - EMBL/ESRF/UVHCI

In-plate protein crystallization, in situ ligand soaking and X-ray diffraction. By le Maire A, Gelin M, Pochet S, Hoh F, Pirocchi M, Guichou JF, Ferrer JL, Labesse G.
- Acta Crystallogr D. PMID: 21904027 - IBS/ESRF

Reactibodies generated by kinetic selection couple chemical reactivity with favorable protein dynamics.

By Smirnov I, Carletti E, Kurkova I, Nachon F, Nicolet Y, Mitkevich VA, Débat H, Avalle B, Belogurov AA Jr, Kuznetsov N, Reshetnyak A, Masson P, Tonevitsky AG, Ponomarenko N, Makarov AA, Friboulet A, Tramontano A, Gabibov A.
- Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. PMID: 21896761 - IBS

Effects of hydrostatic pressure on the quaternary structure and enzymatic activity of a large peptidase complex from Pyrococcus horikoshii. By Rosenbaum E, Gabel F, Durá MA, Finet S, Cléry-Barraud C, Masson P, Franzetti B.
- Arch Biochem Biophys. PMID: 21896270 - IBS

A fiber-modified adenoviral vector interacts with immunoevasion molecules of the B7 family at the surface of murine leukemia cells derived from dormant tumors. By Grellier E, Lecolle K, Rogee S, Couturier C, D’Halluin JC, Hong SS, Fender P, Boulanger P, Quesnel B, Colin M.
- Mol Cancer. PMID: 21884581 - UVHCI

Editorial: The double life of M-ficolin: what functions when circulating in serum and tethered to leukocyte surfaces? By Thielens NM.
- J Leukoc Biol. PMID: 21880644 - IBS

Outer membrane targeting of secretin PulD relies on disordered domain recognition by a dedicated chaperone. By Nickerson NN, Tosi T, Dessen A, Baron B, Raynal B, England P, Pugsley AP.
- J Biol Chem. PMID: 21878629 - IBS

Is there a "G spot" in sister chromatid cohesion resolution? By Skoufias DA.
- Cell Cycle. PMID: 21869602 - IBS

Structural and enzymatic characterization of a Streptococcal ATP/diadenosine polyphosphate and phosphodiester hydrolase Spr1479/SapH.

By Jiang YL, Zhang JW, Yu WL, Cheng W, Zhang CC, Frolet C, Di Guilmi AM, Vernet T, Zhou CZ, Chen Y.
- J Biol Chem. PMID: 21865160 - IBS


The major leucyl aminopeptidase of Trypanosoma cruzi (LAPTc) assembles into a homohexamer and belongs to the M17 family of metallopeptidases.

By Cadavid-Restrepo G, Gastardelo TS, Faudry E, de Almeida H, Bastos IM, Negreiros RS, Lima MM, Assumpcao TC, Almeida KC, Ragno M, Ebel C, Ribeiro BM, Felix CR, Santana JM.
- BMC Biochem. PMID: 2186192 - IBS


A thermodynamic switch modulates abscisic acid receptor sensitivity.

By Dupeux F, Santiago J, Betz K, Twycross J, Park SY, Rodriguez L, Gonzalez-Guzman M, Jensen MR, Krasnogor N, Blackledge M, Holdsworth M, Cutler SR, Rodriguez PL, Márquez JA.
- EMBO J. PMID: 21847091 - EMBL/IBS


Structural Characterization and Membrane Localization of ExsB from the Type III Secretion System (T3SS) of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. By Izoré T, Perdu C, Job V, Atree I, Faudry E, Dessen A.
- J Mol Biol. PMID: 21839744 - IBS

X-ray structure reveals a new class and provides insight into evolution of alkaline phosphatases. By Bihani SC, Das A, Nilgiriwala KS, Prashar V, Pirocchi M, Apte SK, Ferrer JL, Hosur MV.
- PLoS One. PMID: 21829507 - IBS

Structural Basis for ESCRT-III CHMP3 Recruitment of AMSH. By Solomons J, Sabin C, Poudevigne E, Usami Y, Hulsik DL, Macheboeuf P, Hartlieb B, Göttlinger H, Weissenhorn W.
- Structure. PMID: 21827950 - UVHCI


Nucleoproteins and nucleocapsids of negative-strand RNA viruses. By Ruigrok RW, Crépin T, Kolakofsky D.
- Curr Opin Microbiol. PMID: 21824806 - UVHCI


CHARACTERIZATION OF THE ELONGASOME CORE PBP2:MreC COMPLEX OF HELICOBACTER PYLORI. By El Ghachi M, Matteď PJ, Ecobichon C, Martins A, Hoos S, Schmitt C, Colland F, Ebel C, Prévost MC, Gabel F, England P, Dessen A, Boneca IG.
- Mol Microbiol. PMID: 21801243 - IBS/ILL


An optimized isotopic labelling strategy of isoleucine-γ(2) methyl groups for solution NMR studies of high molecular weight proteins. By Ayala I, Hamelin O, Amero C, Pessey O, Plevin MJ, Gans P, Boisbouvier J.
- Chem Commun PMID: 21792424 - IBS


Unique structure of iC3b resolved at a resolution of 24 A by 3D-electron microscopy. By Alcorlo M, Martínez-Barricarte R, Fernández FJ, Rodríguez-Gallego C, Round A, Vega MC, Harris CL, de Cordoba SR, Llorca O.
- Proc Natl Acad Sci. PMID: 21788512 - EMBL/ESRF


Structural characterization of filaments formed by human Xrcc4-Cernunnos/XLF complex involved in nonhomologous DNA end-joining.

By Ropars V, Drevet P, Legrand P, Baconnais S, Amram J, Faure G, Márquez JA, Piétrement O, Guerois R, Callebaut I, Le Cam E, Revy P, de Villartay JP, Charbonnier JB.
- Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. PMID: 21768349 - EMBL


Crenarchaeal CdvA Forms Double-Helical Filaments Containing DNA and Interacts with ESCRT-III-Like CdvB.

By Moriscot C, Gribaldo S, Jault JM, Krupovic M, Arnaud J, Jamin M, Schoehn G, Forterre P, Weissenhorn W, Renesto P.
- PLoS One. PMID: 21760923 - UVHCI/IBS


Structural and Functional Insights of DR2231 protein, the MazG-like nucleoside triphosphate pyrophosphohydrolase from Deinococcus radiodurans.

By Goncalves AM, de Sanctis D, McSweeney SM.
- J Biol Chem. PMID: 21733847 - ESRF


Architecture of the Mediator head module.

By Imasaki T, Calero G, Cai G, Tsai KL, Yamada K, Cardelli F, Erdjument-Bromage H, Tempst P, Berger I, Kornberg GL, Asturias FJ, Kornberg RD, Takagi Y.
- Nature. PMID: 21725323 - EMBL


Library-based methods for identification of soluble expression constructs.

By Yumerefendi H, Desravines DC, Hart DJ.
- Methods PMID: 21723393 - EMBL


Characterizing weak protein-protein complexes by NMR residual dipolar couplings.

By Jensen MR, Ortega-Roldan JL, Salmon L, van Nuland N, Blackledge M.
- Eur Biophys J. PMID: 21710303 - IBS

Snapshots of Enzymatic Baeyer-Villiger Catalysis: OXYGEN ACTIVATION AND INTERMEDIATE STABILIZATION. By Orru R, Dudek HM, Martinoli C, Torres Pazmińo DE, Royant A, Weik M, Fraaije MW, Mattevi A.
- J Biol Chem. PMID: 21697090 - IBS/ESRF

Cxcl12 evolution - subfunctionalization of a ligand through altered interaction with the chemokine receptor.

By Boldajipour B, Doitsidou M, Tarbashevich K, Laguri C, Yu SR, Ries J, Dumstrei K, Thelen S, Dörries J, Messerschmidt EM, Thelen M, Schwille P, Brand M, Lortat-Jacob H, Raz E.
- Development. PMID: 21693511 - IBS


Snapshots of enzymatic baeyer-villiger catalysis: oxygen activation and intermediate stabilization.

By Orru R, Dudek HM, Martinoli C, Torres Pazmino DE, Royant A, Weik M, Fraaije MW, Mattevi A.
- J Biol Chem. PMID: 21697090 - IBS/ESRF


Crystal structures of DntR inducer binding domains in complex with salicylate offer insights into the activation of LysR-type transcriptional regulators.

By Devesse L, Smirnova I, Lönneborg R, Kapp U, Brzezinski P, Leonard GA, Dian C.
- Mol Microbiol. PMID: 21692874 - ESRF


Tudor domain containing 7 (Tdrd7) is essential for dynamic ribonucleoprotein (RNP) remodeling of chromatoid bodies during spermatogenesis. By Tanaka T, Hosokawa M, Vagin VV, Reuter M, Hayashi E, Mochizuki AL, Kitamura K, Yamanaka H, Kondoh G, Okawa K, Kuramochi-Miyagawa S, Nakano T, Sachidanandam R, Hannon GJ, Pillai RS, Nakatsuji N, Chuma S.
- Proc Natl Acad Sci PMID: 21670278 - EMBL


Luminescence of Polyethylene Glycol Coated CdSeTe/ZnS and InP/ZnS Nanoparticles in the Presence of Copper Cations. By Beaune G, Tamang S, Bernardin A, Bayle-Guillemaud P, Fenel D, Schoehn G, Vinet F, Reiss P, Texier I.
- Chemphyschem. PMID: 21661091 - IBS/UVHCI


Low resolution structure of a bacterial SLC26 transporter reveals a dimeric stoichiometry and mobile intracellular domains. By Compton EL, Karinou E, Naismith JH, Gabel F, Javelle A.
- J Biol Chem. PMID: 21659513 - IBS/ILL


Low-Temperature Neutron Diffraction Structures of N-Glycoprotein Linkage Models and Analogues: Structure Refinement and Trifurcated Hydrogen Bonds. By Cioci G, Srivastava A, Loganathan D, Mason SA, Pérez S, Imberty A.
- J Am Chem Soc. PMID: 21648949 - ESRF


Structure/function analysis of Neisseria meningitidis PilW, a conserved protein playing multiple roles in type IV pilus biology. By Szeto TH, Dessen A, Pelicic V.
- Infect Immun. PMID: 21646452 - IBS


Cell entry and trafficking of human adenovirus bound to blood factor x is determined by the fiber serotype and not hexon:heparan sulfate interaction. By Corjon S, Gonzalez G, Henning P, Grichine A, Lindholm L, Boulanger P, Fender P, Hong SS.
- PLoS One. PMID: 21637339 - UVHCI


(13)C-Labeled Heparan Sulfate Analogue as a Tool To Study Protein/Heparan Sulfate Interactions by NMR Spectroscopy: Application to the CXCL12α Chemokine. By Laguri C, Sapay N, Simorre JP, Brutscher B, Imberty A, Gans P, Lortat-Jacob H.
- J Am Chem Soc. PMID: 21634378 - IBS


Variation in the organisation and subunit composition of the mammalian pyruvate dehydrogenase complex E2/E3BP core assembly. By Vijayakrishnan S, Callow P, Nutley MA, McGow DP, Gilbert D, Kropholler P, Cooper A, Byron O, Lindsay JG.
- Biochem J. PMID: 21627584 - ILL


A systematic mutagenesis-driven strategy for site-resolved NMR studies of supramolecular assemblies. Amero C, Asunción Durá M, Noirclerc-Savoye M, Perollier A, Gallet B, Plevin MJ, Vernet T, Franzetti B, Boisbouvier J.
- J Biomol NMR. PMID: 21626214 - IBS/ILL


Investigating a macromolecular complex: The toolkit of methods. By Perrakis A, Musacchio A, Cusack S, Petosa C.
- J Struct Biol. PMID: 21620973 - IBS/EMBL


Intrinsic disorder in measles virus nucleocapsids. By Jensen MR, Communie G, Ribeiro EA Jr, Martinez N, Desfosses A, Salmon L, Mollica L, Gabel F, Jamin M, Longhi S, Ruigrok RW, Blackledge M.
- Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. PMID: 21613569 - ILL/IBS/UVHCI


Identification of the Elusive Hydronium Ion Exchanging Roles with a Proton in an Enzyme at Lower pH Values. By Kovalevsky AY, Hanson BL, Mason SA, Yoshida T, Fisher SZ, Mustyakimov M, Forsyth VT, Blakeley MP, Keen DA, Langan P.
- Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. PMID: 21604345 - ILL


Optimized Purification of a Heterodimeric ABC Transporter in a Highly Stable Form Amenable to 2-D Crystallization. By Galián C, Manon F, Dezi M, Torres C, Ebel C, Lévy D, Jault JM.
- PLoS One. PMID: 21602923 - IBS


Rabies virus transcription and replication. By Albertini AA, Ruigrok RW, Blondel D.

-Adv Virus Res. PMID: 21601039 - UVHCI


Backdoor opening mechanism in acetylcholinesterase based on X-ray crystallography and MD simulations. By Sanson B, Colletier JP, Xu Y, Therese Lang P, Jiang H, Silman I, Sussman JL, Weik M.
- Protein Sci. PMID: 21594947 - IBS


Structure-Based Design of a New Series of d-Glutamic Acid Based Inhibitors of Bacterial UDP-N-acetylmuramoyl-l-alanine:d-glutamate Ligase (MurD). By Tomašić T, Zidar N, Šink R, Kovač A, Blanot D, Contreras-Martel C, Dessen A, Müller-Premru M, Zega A, Gobec S, Kikelj D, Peterlin Mašič L.
- J Med Chem. PMID: 21591605 - IBS


Expression of a chloroplast ATP/ADP transporter in E. coli membranes: Behind the Mistic strategy. By Deniaud A, Bernaudat F, Frelet-Barrand A, Juillan-Binard C, Vernet T, Rolland N, Pebay-Peyroula E.
- Biochim Biophys Acta. PMID: 21550334 - IBS


Interaction of Human 3-Phosphoglycerate Kinase with Its Two Substrates: Is Substrate Antagonism a Kinetic Advantage? By Lallemand P, Chaloin L, Roy B, Barman T, Bowler MW, Lionne C.
- J Mol Biol. PMID: 21549713 - ESRF


Additional phase information from UV damage of selenomethionine labelled proteins. By de Sanctis D, Tucker PA, Panjikar S.
- J Synchrotron Radiat.
PMID: 21525645 - ESRF


Similarities and differences in radiation damage at 100 K versus 160 K in a crystal of thermolysin. By Juers DH, Weik M.
- J Synchrotron Radiat. PMID: 21525640 - IBS


Multimerization of adenovirus serotype 3 fiber knob domains is required for efficient binding of virus to desmoglein 2 and subsequent opening of epithelial junctions. By Wang H, Li Z, Yumul R, Lara S, Hemminki A, Fender P, Lieber A.
- J Virol. PMID: 21525338 - UVHCI


Solution structure, dynamics and thermodynamics of the three SH3 domains of CD2AP. By Roldan JL, Blackledge M, van Nuland NA, Azuaga AI.
- J Biomol NMR. PMID: 21519904 - IBS


Membrane-associated DegP in Bordetella chaperones a repeat-rich secretory protein. By Baud C, Gutsche I, Willery E, de Paepe D, Drobecq H, Gilleron M, Locht C, Jamin M, Jacob-Dubuisson F.
- Mol Microbiol. PMID: 21518392 - UVHCI


Secreted dengue virus nonstructural protein NS1 is an atypical barrel-shaped high-density lipoprotein. By Gutsche I, Coulibaly F, Voss JE, Salmon J, d’Alayer J, Ermonval M, Larquet E, Charneau P, Krey T, Mégret F, Guittet E, Rey FA, Flamand M.
- Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. PMID: 2151891 - UVHCI


(1)H, (13)C, and (15)N resonance assignment of a 179 residue fragment of hepatitis C virus non-structural protein 5A. By Feuerstein S, Solyom Z, Aladağ A, Hoffmann S, Willbold D, Brutscher B.
- Biomol NMR Assign. PMID: 21516467 - IBS

ORF-selector ESPRIT: A second generation library screen for soluble protein expression employing precise open reading frame selection. By An Y, Yumerefendi H, Mas PJ, Chesneau A, Hart DJ.
- J Struct Biol. PMID: 21515383 - EMBL

Enzymatically modified low-density lipoprotein is recognized by c1q and activates the classical complement pathway. By Arlaud GJ, Biro A, Ling WL.
- J Lipids. PMID: 21490800 - IBS

M-Ficolin Interacts with the Long Pentraxin PTX3: A Novel Case of Cross-Talk between Soluble Pattern-Recognition Molecules. By Gout E, Moriscot C, Doni A, Dumestre-Pérard C, Lacroix M, Pérard J, Schoehn G, Mantovani A, Arlaud GJ, Thielens NM.
- J Immunol. PMID: 21490156 - IBS/UVHCI

Translation calibration of inverse-kappa goniometers in macromolecular crystallography. By Brockhauser S, White KI, McCarthy AA, Ravelli RB.
- Acta Crystallogr A. PMID: 21487180 - EMBL/ESRF

Structuring detergents for extracting and stabilizing functional membrane proteins. By Matar-Merheb R, Rhimi M, Leydier A, Huché F, Galián C, Desuzinges-Mandon E, Ficheux D, Flot D, Aghajari N, Kahn R, Di Pietro A, Jault JM, Coleman AW, Falson P.
- PLoS One. PMID: 21483854 - IBS/ESRF

Common architecture of nuclear receptor heterodimers on DNA direct repeat elements with different spacings. By Rochel N, Ciesielski F, Godet J, Moman E, Roessle M, Peluso-Iltis C, Moulin M, Haertlein M, Callow P, Mély Y, Svergun DI, Moras D.
- Nat Struct Mol Biol. PMID: 21478865 - ILL

Neutron structure of type-III antifreeze protein allows the reconstruction of AFP-ice interface. By Howard EI, Blakeley MP, Haertlein M, Haertlein IP, Mitschler A, Fisher SJ, Siah AC, Salvay AG, Popov A, Dieckmann CM, Petrova T, Podjarny A.
- J Mol Recognit. PMID: 21472814 - ILL/ESRF

Importance of viral genomic composition in modulating glycoprotein content on the surface of influenza virus particles. By Moulčs V, Terrier O, Yver M, Riteau B, Moriscot C, Ferraris O, Julien T, Giudice E, Rolland JP, Erny A, Bouscambert-Duchamp M, Frobert E, Rosa-Calatrava M, Pu Lin Y, Hay A, Thomas D, Schoehn G, Lina B.
- Virology. PMID: 21470649 - UVHCI

Structure analysis of the staphylococcus aureus UDP-N-acetyl-mannosamine dehydrogenase Cap5O involved in capsular polysaccharide biosynthesis. By Gruszczyk J, Fleurie A, Olivares-Illana V, Bechet E, Zanella-Cleon I, Morera S, Meyer P, Pompidor G, Kahn R, Grangeasse C, Nessler S.
- J Biol Chem. PMID: 21454499 - IBS

Reaction of Cresyl Saligenin Phosphate, the Organophosphorus Agent Implicated in Aerotoxic Syndrome, with Human Cholinesterases: Mechanistic Studies Employing Kinetics, Mass Spectrometry, and X-ray Structure Analysis. By Carletti E, Schopfer LM, Colletier JP, Froment MT, Nachon F, Weik M, Lockridge O, Masson P.
- Chem Res Toxicol. PMID: 21438623 - IBS

Biochemical Characterization of the Histidine Triad Protein PhtD as a Cell Surface Zinc-Binding Protein of Pneumococcus. By Loisel E, Chimalapati S, Bougault C, Imberty A, Gallet B, Di Guilmi AM, Brown J, Vernet T, Durmort C.
- Biochemistry. PMID: 21425866 - IBS

Structure, Dynamics, and Kinetics of Weak Protein-Protein Complexes from NMR Spin Relaxation Measurements of Titrated Solutions. By Salmon L, Ortega Roldan JL, Lescop E, Licinio A, van Nuland N, Jensen MR, Blackledge M.
- Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. PMID: 21425222 - IBS

 X-ray structure of the human calreticulin globular domain reveals a Peptide-binding area and suggests a multi-molecular mechanism. By Chouquet A, Paďdassi H, Ling WL, Frachet P, Houen G, Arlaud GJ, Gaboriaud C.
- PLoS One. PMID: 21423620 - IBS

Robots, pipelines, polyproteins: Enabling multiprotein expression in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. By Vijayachandran LS, Viola C, Garzoni F, Trowitzsch S, Bieniossek C, Chaillet M, Schaffitzel C, Busso D, Romier C, Poterszman A, Richmond TJ, Berger I.
- J Struct Biol. PMID: 21419851 - EMBL

Structural Basis for Metal Sensing by CnrX. By Trepreau J, Girard E, Maillard AP, de Rosny E, Petit-Haertlein I, Kahn R, Covčs J.
- J Mol Biol. PMID: 21414325 - IBS

Essential Ingredients for HIV-1 Budding. By Weissenhorn W, Göttlinger H.
- Cell Host Microbe. PMID: 21402355 - UVHCI

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