PSB Publications 2009

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VIRA: A CIMA Based System for the Operation of Remote Scientific Instruments. By Atkinson, I., du Boulay, D. J., Brockhauser, S., McMullen, D. F., Quilici, R., Sharpe, A., Turner, P.

-Computational Methods in Science and Technology - EMBL

The TDRD9-MIWI2 complex is essential for piRNA-mediated retrotransposon silencing in the mouse male germline. By Shoji M, Tanaka T, Hosokawa M, Reuter M, Stark A, Kato Y, Kondoh G, Okawa K, Chujo T, Suzuki T, Hata K, Martin SL, Noce T, Kuramochi-Miyagawa S, Nakano T, Sasaki H, Pillai RS, Nakatsuji N, Chuma S.
- Dev Cell. PMID: 20059948 - EMBL

Accessibility changes within diphtheria toxin T domain when in the functional molten globule state, as determined using hydrogen/deuterium exchange measurements. By Man P, Montagner C, Vitrac H, Kavan D, Pichard S, Gillet D, Forest E, Forge V. By Corazza A, Rennella E, Schanda P, Mimmi MC, Cutuil T, Raimondi S, Giorgetti S, Fogolari F, Viglino P, Frydman L, Gal M, Bellotti V, Brutscher B, Esposito G.
- FEBS J. PMID: 20050921 - IBS

Getting a Grip on Complexes By Nie Y., Viola C., Bieniossek C., Trowitzsch S., Vijayachandran L. S., Chaillet M.,Garzoni F. & Berger I.
- Current Genomics - EMBL

Carbohydrate recognition properties of human ficolins: Glycan array screening reveals the sialic acid binding specificity of M-ficolin. By Gout E, Garlatti V, Smith DF, Lacroix M M, Dumestre-Perard C, Lunardi T, Martin L, Cesbron JY, Arlaud GJ, Gaboriaud C, Thielens NM.
- J Biol Chem. PMID: 20032467 - IBS

Guidelines for the use of band-selective radiofrequency pulses in hetero-nuclear NMR: Example of longitudinal-relaxation-enhanced BEST-type (1)H-(15)N correlation experiments. By Lescop E, Kern T, Brutscher B.
- J Magn Reson. PMID: 20031460 - IBS

The ID23-2 structural biology microfocus beamline at the ESRF. By Flot D, Mairs T, Giraud T, Guijarro M, Lesourd M, Rey V, van Brussel D, Morawe C, Borel C, Hignette O, Chavanne J, Nurizzo D, McSweeney S, Mitchell E.
- J Synchrotron Radiat. PMID: 20029119 - ESRF

Native-unlike long-lived intermediates along the folding pathway of the amyloidogenic protein beta2-microglobulin revealed by real time 2D NMR. By Corazza A, Rennella E, Schanda P, Mimmi MC, Cutuil T, Raimondi S, Giorgetti S, Fogolari F, Viglino P, Frydman L, Gal M, Bellotti V, Brutscher B, Esposito G.
- J Biol Chem. PMID: 20028983 - IBS

The C-terminus of the Alb3 membrane insertase recruits cpSRP43 to the thylakoid membrane. By Falk S, Ravaud S, Koch J, Sinning I.
- J Biol Chem. PMID: 20018841 - IBS

Probing telomeric G-quadruplex DNA structures in cells with in vitro generated single-chain antibody fragments. By Schaffitzel C, Postberg J, Paeschke K, Lipps HJ.
- Methods Mol Biol. PMID: 20012422 - EMBL

Retrotransposon silencing by piRNAs: ping-pong players mark their sub-cellular boundaries. By Chuma S, Pillai RS.
- PLoS Genet. PMID: 20011121 - EMBL

Investigation of gammaE-crystallin target protein binding to bovine lens alpha-crystallin by small-angle neutron scattering. By Clarke MJ, Artero JB, Moulin M, Callow P, Carver JA, Griffiths PC, Haertlein M, Harding JJ, Meek KM, Timmins P, Regini JW.
- Biochim Biophys Acta. PMID: 20004233 - ILL

Trapping and stabilization of integral membrane proteins by hydrophobically grafted glucose-based telomers. By Bazzacco P, Sharma KS, Durand G, Giusti F, Ebel C, Popot JL, Pucci B.
- Biomacromolecules. PMID: 20000638 - IBS

Helicobacter pylori type IV secretion apparatus exploits beta1 integrin in a novel RGD-independent manner. By Jimenez-Soto LF, Kutter S, Sewald X, Ertl C, Weiss E, Kapp U, Rohde M, Pirch T, Jung K, Retta SF, Terradot L, Fischer W, Haas R.
- PLoS Pathog. PMID: 19997503 - ESRF

Relating diffusion along the substrate tunnel and oxygen sensitivity in hydrogenase. By Liebgott PP, Leroux F, Burlat B, Dementin S, Baffert C, Lautier T, Fourmond V, Ceccaldi P, Cavazza C, Meynial-Salles I, Soucaille P, Fontecilla-Camps JC, Guigliarelli B, Bertrand P, Rousset M, Leger C.
- Nat Chem Biol. PMID: 19966788 - IBS

Improving diffraction by humidity control: a novel device compatible with X-ray beamlines. By Sanchez-Weatherby J, Bowler MW, Huet J, Gobbo A, Felisaz F, Lavault B, Moya R, Kadlec J, Ravelli RB, Cipriani F.
- Acta Crystallogr D PMID: 19966409 - EMBL/ESRF

Crystal Structure of the Human Monoacylglycerol Lipase, a Key Actor in Endocannabinoid Signaling. By Labar G, Bauvois C, Borel F, Ferrer JL, Wouters J, Lambert DM.
- Chembiochem. PMID: 19957260 - IBS

Structural Basis of X-ray-Induced Transient Photobleaching in a Photoactivatable Green Fluorescent Protein. By Adam V, Carpentier P, Violot S, Lelimousin M, Darnault C, Nienhaus GU, Bourgeois D.
- J Am Chem Soc. PMID: 19950947 - IBS/ESRF

Structure of the outer membrane complex of a type IV secretion system. By Chandran V, Fronzes R, Duquerroy S, Cronin N, Navaza J, Waksman G.
- Nature. PMID: 19946264 - IBS

RNA induced polymerization of the Borna disease virus nucleoprotein. By Hock M, Kraus I, Schoehn G, Jamin M, Andrei-Selmer C, Garten W, Weissenhorn W.
- Virology. PMID: 19945724 - UVHCI

The structure of a DnaA/HobA complex from Helicobacter pylori provides insight into regulation of DNA replication in bacteria. By Natrajan G, Noirot-Gros MF, Zawilak-Pawlik A, Kapp U, Terradot L.
- Proc Natl Acad Sci. PMID: 19940251 - ESRF

Computational model of membrane fission catalyzed by ESCRT-III. By Fabrikant G, Lata S, Riches JD, Briggs JA, Weissenhorn W, Kozlov MM.
- PLoS Comput Biol. PMID: 19936052 - UVHCI

Impact of disease-causing SUR1 mutations on the KATP channel subunit interface probed with a rhodamine protection assay. By Hosy E, Dupuis JP, Vivaudou M.
 J Biol Chem. PMID: 19933268 - IBS

Structure and plasticity of the peptidyl-prolyl isomerase Par27 of Bordetella pertussis revealed by X-ray diffraction and small-angle X-ray scattering. By Clantin B, Leyrat C, Wohlkönig A, Hodak H, de Almeida Ribeiro E Jr, Martinez N, Baud C, Smet-Nocca C, Villeret V, Jacob-Dubuisson F, Jamin M.
- J Struct Biol. PMID: 19932182 - UVHCI

Visible Light-Driven H(2) Production by Hydrogenases Attached to Dye-Sensitized TiO(2) Nanoparticles. By Reisner E, Powell DJ, Cavazza C, Fontecilla-Camps JC, Armstrong FA.
 J Am Chem Soc. PMID: 19928857 - IBS

Catalytic Water Co-Existing with a Product Peptide in the Active Site of HIV-1 Protease Revealed by X-Ray Structure Analysis. By Prashar V, Bihani S, Das A, Ferrer JL, Hosur M.
 PLoS One. PMID: 19924250 - IBS

Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic characterization of a public CMV-specific TCR in complex with its cognate antigen. By Reiser JB, Legoux F, Machillot P, Debeaupuis E, Le Moullac-Vaydie B, Chouquet A, Saulquin X, Bonneville M, Housset D.
 Acta Crystallogr PMID: 19923740 - IBS

Structure of an N-terminally truncated Nudix hydrolase DR2204 from Deinococcus radiodurans. By Goncalves AM, Fioravanti E, Stelter M, McSweeney S.
 Acta Crystallogr. PMID: 19923723 - ESRF

Structure at 1.0 A resolution of a high-potential iron-sulfur protein involved in the aerobic respiratory chain of Rhodothermus marinus. By Stelter M, Melo AM, Hreggvidsson GO, Hjorleifsdottir S, Saraiva LM, Teixeira M, Archer M.
- J Biol Inorg Chem. PMID: 19921524 - ESRF

Toward a Unified Representation of Protein Structural Dynamics in Solution. By Markwick PR, Bouvignies G, Salmon L, McCammon JA, Nilges M, Blackledge M.
 J Am Chem Soc. PMID: 19919148 - IBS

Two-chaperone assisted soluble expression and purification of the bacteriophage T4 long tail fibre protein gp37. By Galan-Bartual S, Garcia-Doval C, Alonso J, Schoehn G, van Raaij MJ.
 Protein Expr Purif. PMID: 19913618 - IBS

Watching CO enmeshed in hemoglobin. By Bourgeois D.
 Structure. PMID: 19913476 - IBS/ESRF

Correction to Novel Domain Arrangement in the Crystal Structure of a Truncated Acetyl-CoA Synthase from Moorella thermoacetica. By Volbeda A, Darnault C, Tan X, Lindahl PA, Fontecilla-Camps JC.
 Biochemistry. PMID: 19911826 - IBS

High-chloride concentrations abolish the binding of adenine nucleotides in the mitochondrial ADP/ATP carrier family. By Krammer EM, Ravaud S, Dehez F, Frelet-Barrand A, Pebay-Peyroula E, Chipot C.
 Biophys J. PMID: 19917217 - IBS

Nuclear import and assembly of the influenza A virus RNA polymerase studied in live cells by Fluorescence Cross Correlation Spectroscopy. By Huet S, Avilov S, Ferbitz L, Daigle N, Cusack S, Ellenberg J.
 J Virol. PMID: 19906916 - EMBL

Investigating Alternative Acidic Proteases for H/D Exchange Coupled to Mass Spectrometry: Plasmepsin 2 but not Plasmepsin 4 Is Active Under Quenching Conditions. By Marcoux J, Thierry E, Vives C, Signor L, Fieschi F, Forest E.
 J Am Soc Mass Spectrom. PMID: 19906540 - IBS

A new generation of cross-linkers for selective detection by MALDI MS. By Paramelle D, Cantel S, Enjalbal C, Amblard M, Forest E, Heymann M, Geourjon C, Martinez J, Subra G.
  Proteomics PMID: 19902427 - IBS

The abscisic acid receptor PYR1 in complex with abscisic acid. By Santiago J, Dupeux F, Round A, Antoni R, Park SY, Jamin M, Cutler SR, Rodriguez PL, Marquez JA.
 Nature PMID: 19898494 - EMBL/UVHCI

Three-dimensional model of human platelet integrin alphaIIbbeta3 in solution obtained by small angle neutron scattering (SANS). By Nogales A, Garcia C, Perez J, Callow P, Ezquerra TA, Gonzalez-Rodriguez J.
J Biol Chem PMID: 19897481 - ILL

Mutations in the human kinesin Eg5 that confer resistance to monastrol and S-Trityl-L-Cysteine in tumor derived cell lines. By Tcherniuk S, van Lis R, Kozielski F, Skoufias DA.
 Biochem Pharmacol. PMID: 19896928 - IBS

Human astrovirus coat protein binds C1q and MBL and inhibits the classical and lectin pathways of complement activation. By Hair PS, Gronemus JQ, Crawford KB, Salvi VP, Cunnion KM, Thielens NM, Arlaud GJ, Rawal N, Krishna NK.
 Mol Immunol. PMID: 19896716 - IBS

Photoconversion of the Fluorescent Protein EosFP: A Hybrid Potential Simulation Study Reveals Intersystem Crossings. By Lelimousin M, Adam V, Nienhaus GU, Bourgeois D, Field MJ.
 J Am Chem Soc PMID: 19886627 - ESRF/IBS

Critical role of Tryptophan 154 for the activity and stability of class D beta-lactamases. By Baurin S, Vercheval L, Bouillenne F, Falzone C, Brans A, Jacquamet L, Ferrer JL, Sauvage E, Dehareng D, Frere JM, Charlier P, Galleni M, Kerff F.
 Biochemistry. PMID: 19860471 - IBS

A cell-penetrating peptide derived from human lactoferrin with conformation-dependent uptake efficiency. By Duchardt F, Ruttekolk IR, Verdurmen W, Lortat-Jacob H, Burck J, Hufnagel H, Fischer R, van den Heuvel M, Lowik DW, Vuister GW, Ulrich A, de Waard M, Brock R.
 J Biol Chem. PMID: 19858187 - IBS

HABA- based ionic liquid matrices for UV-MALDI-MS analysis of heparin and heparan sulfate oligosaccharides. By Przybylski C, Gonnet F, Bonnaffe D, Hersant Y, Lortat-Jacob H, Daniel R.
 Glycobiology. PMID: 19858171 - IBS

Site-directed mutagenesis reveals a conservation of the copper-binding site and the crucial role of His24 in CopH from Cupriavidus metallidurans CH34. By Sendra V, Gambarelli S, Bersch B, Coves J.
 J Inorg Biochem. PMID: 19857899 - IBS

A decade of user operation on the macromolecular crystallography MAD beamline ID14-4 at the ESRF.

By McCarthy AA, Brockhauser S, Nurizzo D, Theveneau P, Mairs T, Spruce D, Guijarro M, Lesourd M, Ravelli RB, McSweeney S.
 J Synchrotron Radiat. PMID: 19844017 - EMBL/ESRF


Micro-RNAs: viral genome and robustness of gene expression in the host.

By Demongeot J., Drouet E., Elena A., Moreira A., Rechoum Y. & Sene S.
 Phil. Trans. Royal Soc. - UVHCI


Electrochemical Kinetic Investigations of the Reactions of FeFe-Hydrogenases with Carbon Monoxide and Oxygen: Comparing the Importance of Gas Tunnels and Active-Site Electronic-Redox Effects.

By Goldet G, Brandmayr C, Stripp ST, Happe T, Cavazza C, Fontecilla-Camps JC, Armstrong FA.
 J Am Chem Soc. PMID: 19824734 - IBS


Recombinant immobilized rhizopuspepsin as a new tool for protein digestion in hydrogen/deuterium exchange mass spectrometry.

By Rey M, Man P, Brandolin G, Forest E, Pelosi L.
 Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom. PMID: 19827048 - IBS


The Double Super Helix model of high density lipoprotein.

By Wu Z, Gogonea V, Lee X, Wagner MA, Li XM, Huang Y, Undurti A, May RP, Haertlein M, Moulin M, Gutsche I, Zaccai G, Didonato JA, Hazen SL.
 J Biol Chem. PMID: 19812036 - ILL/EMBL/UVHCI


Sortase activity is controlled by a flexible lid in the pilus biogenesis mechanism of Gram-positive pathogens.

By Manzano C, Izore T, Job V, Di Guilmi AM, Dessen A.
 Biochemistry. PMID: 19810750 - IBS


The molecular basis and functional implications of chemokine interactions with heparan sulphate.

By Lortat-Jacob H.
 Curr Opin Struct Biol. PMID: 19800217 - IBS


Cooperative binding of two acetylation marks on a histone tail by a single bromodomain.

By Moriniere J, Rousseaux S, Steuerwald U, Soler-Lopez M, Curtet S, Vitte AL, Govin J, Gaucher J, Sadoul K, Hart DJ, Krijgsveld J, Khochbin S, Muller CW, Petosa C.
 Nature. PMID: 19794495 - EMBL/IBS

Binding of Rabies Virus Polymerase Cofactor to Recombinant Circular Nucleoprotein-Rna Complexes. By de Almeida Ribeiro E Jr, Leyrat C, Gerard FC, Albertini AA, Falk C, Ruigrok RW, Jamin M.
 J Mol Biol. PMID: 19781554 - UVHCI

Genetic and structural analysis of MBL2 and MASP2 polymorphisms in south-eastern African children. By Valles X, Sarrias MR, Casals F, Farnos M, Piner R, Suarez B, Morais L, Mandomando I, Sigauque B, Roca A, Alonso PL, Torres A, Thielens NM, Lozano F.
 Tissue Antigens. PMID: 19775369 - IBS

Conformational changes specific for pseudo-phosphorylation at Ser262 selectively impair binding of tau to microtubules. By Fischer D, Mukrasch MD, Biernat J, Bibow S, Blackledge M, Griesinger C, Mandelkow E, Zweckstetter M.
 Biochemistry. PMID: 19769346 - IBS

Influenza recombinant vaccine: Matrix protein M1 on the platform of the adenovirus dodecahedron. By Naskalska A, Szolajska E, Chaperot L, Angel J, Plumas J, Chroboczek J.
 Vaccine. PMID: 19766576 - IBS

Intrinsic dynamics in ECFP and Cerulean control fluorescence quantum yield. By Lelimousin M, Noirclerc-Savoye M, Lazareno-Saez C, Paetzold B, Le Vot S, Chazal R, Macheboeuf P, Field MJ, Bourgeois D, Royant A.
 Biochemistry. PMID: 19754158 - IBS/ESRF

Quantitative determination of the conformational properties of partially folded and intrinsically disordered proteins using NMR dipolar couplings.By Jensen MR, Markwick PR, Meier S, Griesinger C, Zweckstetter M, Grzesiek S, Bernado P, Blackledge M.
 Structure. PMID: 19748338 - IBS

A synthetic CD4-heparan sulfate glycoconjugate inhibits CCR5 and CXCR4 HIV-1 attachment and entry. By Baleux F, Loureiro-Morais L, Hersant Y, Clayette P, Arenzana-Seisdedos F, Bonnaffe D, Lortat-Jacob H.
 Nat Chem Biol PMID: 19734912 - IBS

Structure of the heme/hemoglobin outer membrane receptor ShuA from Shigella dysenteriae: Heme binding by an induced fit mechanism. By Cobessi D, Meksem A, Brillet K.
 Proteins. PMID: 19731368 - IBS

Two Crystal Structures of Pneumococcal Pilus Sortase C Provide Novel Insights into Catalysis and Substrate Specificity. By Neiers F, Madhurantakam C, Falker S, Manzano C, Dessen A, Normark S, Henriques-Normark B, Achour A.
 J Mol Biol. PMID: 19729023 - IBS

Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic analysis of PhoK, an extracellular alkaline phosphatase from Sphingomonas sp. BSAR-1. By Nilgiriwala KS, Bihani SC, Das A, Prashar V, Kumar M, Ferrer JL, Apte SK, Hosur MV.
 Acta Crystallogr F PMID: 19724132 - IBS

Resistance mechanism revealed by crystal structures of unliganded nelfinavir-resistant HIV-1 protease non-active site mutants N88D and N88S. By Bihani SC, Das A, Prashar V, Ferrer JL, Hosur MV.
 BBRC PMID: 19720046 - IBS

NADPH oxidase activator p67(phox) behaves in solution as a multidomain protein with semi-flexible linkers. By Durand D, Vives C, Cannella D, Perez J, Pebay-Peyroula E, Vachette P, Fieschi F.
 J Struct Biol PMID: 19723583 - IBS

Reverse pH-dependence of chromophore protonation explains the large stokes shift of the red fluorescent protein mKeima. By Violot S, Carpentier P, Blanchoin L, Bourgeois D.
 J Am Chem Soc PMID: 19722611 - IBS/ESRF

A first low-resolution difference Fourier map of phosphorus in a membrane protein from near-edge anomalous diffraction. By Boesecke P, Bois JM, Crepin T, Hunte C, Kahn R, Kao WC, Nauton L, Winther AM, Moller J, Nissen P, Nury H, Olesen C, Pebay-Peyroula E, Vicat J, Stuhrmann H.
 J Synchrotron Radiat. PMID: 19713640 - IBS/ESRF/UVHCI

Peptides that mimick the amino terminal end of the rabies virus phosphoprotein have antiviral activity. By Castel G, Chteoui M, Caignard G, Prehaud C, Mehouas S, Real E, Jallet C, Jacob Y, Ruigrok RW, Tordo N.
 J Virol. PMID: 19706704 - UVHCI

Unexpected electron transfer mechanism upon AdoMet cleavage in radical SAM proteins. By Nicolet Y, Amara P, Mouesca JM, Fontecilla-Camps JC.
Proc Natl Acad Sci PMID: 19706452 - IBS

Inhibition of Epstein-Barr virus replication by small interfering RNA targeting the Epstein-Barr virus protease gene. By Larrat S, Morand P, Bas A, Vigne S, Crance JM, Boyer V, Nicod S, Grossi L, Buisson M, Burmeister WP, Seigneurin JM, Germi R.
 Antivir Ther. PMID: 19704168 - UVHCI

Role of DegP for Two-Partner Secretion in Bordetella. By Baud C, Hodak H, Willery E, Drobecq H, Locht C, Jamin M, Jacob-Dubuisson F.
 Mol Microbiol. PMID: 19703106 - UVHCI

Inhibition of the binding of HCV serum particles to human hepatocytes by E1E2-specific D32.10 monoclonal antibody. By Ndongo N, Rechoum Y, De Sequeira S, Zoulim F, Trepo C, Drouet E, Petit MA.
J Med Virol. PMID: 19697405 - UVHCI

Cyclic olefin homopolymer-based microfluidics for protein crystallization and in situ X-ray diffraction. By Emamzadah S, Petty TJ, De Almeida V, Nishimura T, Joly J, Ferrer JL, Halazonetis TD.
 Acta Crystallogr D PMID: 19690369 - IBS

Radiation stability of proteinase k crystals grown by lb nanotemplate method. By Pechkova E, Tripathi S, Ravelli RB, McSweeney S, Nicolini C.
 J Struct Biol. PMID: 19686853 - ESRF

Micellar and biochemical properties of (hemi)fluorinated surfactants are controlled by the size of the polar head. By Breyton C, Gabel F, Abla M, Pierre Y, Lebaupain F, Durand G, Popot JL, Ebel C, Pucci B.
 Biophys J. PMID: 19686655 - IBS

Structure-function relationships of anaerobic gas-processing metalloenzymes. By Fontecilla-Camps JC, Amara P, Cavazza C, Nicolet Y, Volbeda A.
Nature PMID: 19675641 - IBS

Cyclopentadienyl Ruthenium-Nickel Catalysts for Biomimetic Hydrogen Evolution: Electrocatalytic Properties and Mechanistic DFT Studies. By Canaguier S, Vaccaro L, Artero V, Ostermann R, Pecaut J, Field MJ, Fontecave M.
 Chemistry PMID: 19670195 - IBS

Structure of the choline-binding domain of Spr1274 in Streptococcus pneumoniae. By Zhang Z, Li W, Frolet C, Bao R, di Guilmi AM, Vernet T, Chen Y.
 Acta Crystallogr PMID: 19652332 - IBS

Novel domain arrangement in the crystal structure of a truncated acetyl-CoA synthase from Moorella thermoacetica. By Volbeda A, Darnault C, Tan X, Lindahl PA, Fontecilla-Camps JC.
 Biochemistry PMID: 19650626 - IBS

Structural basis for the phototoxicity of the fluorescent protein KillerRed. By Carpentier P, Violot S, Blanchoin L, Bourgeois D.
 FEBS Lett. PMID: 19646983 - IBS/ESRF

Crystallographic Snapshots of Nonaged and Aged Conjugates of Soman with Acetylcholinesterase, and of a Ternary Complex of the Aged Conjugate with Pralidoxime (dagger). By Sanson B, Nachon F, Colletier JP, Froment MT, Toker L, Greenblatt HM, Sussman JL, Ashani Y, Masson P, Silman I, Weik M.
 J Med Chem PMID: 19642642 - IBS

Biological physics at large facilities: from molecule to cell. By Zaccai G.
 J R Soc Interface PMID: 19640878 - ILL

Coupled relaxations at the protein-water interface in the picosecond time scale. By Paciaroni A, Cornicchi E, Marconi M, Orecchini A, Petrillo C, Haertlein M, Moulin M, Sacchetti F.
 J R Soc Interface PMID: 19640876 - ILL

Cryophotolysis of a caged oxygen compound for use in low temperature biological studies. By Howard-Jones AR, Adam V, Cowley A, Baldwin JE, Bourgeois D.
 Photochem Photobiol Sci. PMID: 19639117 - ESRF/IBS

The central domain of DivIB caps the C-terminal regions of the FtsL/DivIC coiled-coil rod. By Masson S, Kern T, Le Gouellec A, Giustini C, Simorre JP, Callow P, Thierry V, Gabel F, Zapun A.
 J Biol Chem. PMID: 19635793 - IBS/ILL

Biochemical and structural study of the homologues of the thiol-disulfide oxidoreductase DsbA in Neisseria meningitidis.

By Lafaye C, Iwema T, Carpentier P, Jullian-Binard C, Kroll JS, Collet JF, Serre L.
 J Mol Biol. PMID: 19631659 - IBS/ESRF

Synergy between ficolin-2 and PTX3 boost innate immune recognition and complement deposition. By Ma YJ, Doni A, Hummelshoj T, Honore C, Bastone A, Mantovani A, Thielens NM, Garred P.
 J Biol Chem. PMID: 19632990 - IBS

Structural dynamics of protein backbone phi angles: extended molecular dynamics simulations versus experimental (3) J scalar couplings.

By Markwick PR, Showalter SA, Bouvignies G, Bruschweiler R, Blackledge M.
 J Biomol NMR. PMID: 19629714 - IBS

Hydrated cholesterol: Phospholipid domains probed by synchrotron radiation. By Solomonov I, Daillant J, Fragneto G, Kjaer K, Micha JS, Rieutord F, Leiserowitz L.
 Eur Phys J E Soft Matter. PMID: 19629553 - ILL

Modulation of drought resistance by the abscisic acid-receptor PYL5 through inhibition of clade A PP2Cs.

By Santiago J, Rodrigues A, Saez A, Rubio S, Antoni R, Dupeux F, Park SY, Marquez JA, Cutler SR, Rodriguez PL.
 Plant J. PMID: 19624469 - EMBL


Characterization of gadolinium complexes for SAD phasing in macromolecular crystallography: application to CbpF.

By Molina R, Stelter M, Kahn R, Hermoso JA.
 Acta Crystallogr D PMID: 19622866 - IBS/ESRF

Single-step production of functional OEP24 proteoliposomes. By Liguori L, Blesneac I, Madern D, Vivaudou M, Lenormand JL.
- Protein Expr Purif. PMID: 19602439 - IBS

Differences between CusA and AcrB crystallisation highlighted by protein flexibility.

By Deniaud A, Goulielmakis A, Coves J, Pebay-Peyroula E.
 PLoS One.
PMID: 19593437 - IBS


Atomic-scale dynamics inside living cells explored by neutron.

By Jasnin M.
 J R Soc Interface.
PMID: 19586955 - ILL


Large crystal growth by thermal control allows combined X-ray and neutron crystallographic studies to elucidate the protonation states in Aspergillus flavus urate oxidase.

By Oksanen E, Blakeley MP, Bonnete F, Dauvergne MT, Dauvergne F, Budayova-Spano M.
 J R Soc Interface PMID: 19586953 - UVHCI/ILL


The flexible motif V of Epstein-Barr virus deoxyuridine 5’-triphosphate pyrophosphatase is essential for catalysis.

By Freeman, L., Buisson, M., Tarbouriech, N., Van der Heyden, A., Labbe, P. & Burmeister, W.P.
 J. Biol. Chem. PMID: 19586911 - UVHCI

In Situ Assembly and Screening of Enzyme Inhibitors with Surface-Tension Microarrays. By Mugherli L, Burchak ON, Balakireva LA, Thomas A, Chatelain F, Balakirev MY.
 Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. PMID: 19582743 - IBS

Introduction of Methionines in the Gas Channel Makes NiFe Hydrogenase Aero-Tolerant.

By Dementin S, Leroux F, Cournac L, Lacey AL, Volbeda A, Léger C, Burlat B, Martinez N, Champ S, Martin L, Sanganas O, Haumann M, Fernández VM, Guigliarelli B, Fontecilla-Camps JC, Rousset M.
 J Am Chem Soc. PMID: 19580279 - IBS


Impact of selective excitation on carbon longitudinal relaxation: Towards fast solid-state NMR techniques.

By Giffard M, Bardet M, Bersch B, Coves J, Hediger S.
 J Magn Reson.
PMID: 19576829 - IBS

Deciphering membrane insertion of the diphtheria toxin T domain by specular neutron reflectometry and solid-state NMR spectroscopy. By Chenal A, Prongidi-Fix L, Perier A, Aisenbrey C, Vernier G, Lambotte S, Fragneto G, Bechinger B, Gillet D, Forge V, Ferrand M.
 J Mol Biol. PMID: 19576225 - ILL

UROX 2.0: an interactive tool for fitting atomic models into electron-microscopy reconstructions. By Siebert X, Navaza J.
 Acta Crystallogr PMID: 19564685 - IBS


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