Carl-Ivar Brändén building (CIBB)
71, Avenue des Martyrs
CS 90181
F-38042 Grenoble

Access to CIBB


Carl-Ivar Brändén building (CIBB)
71, Avenue des Martyrs
CS 90181
F-38042 Grenoble


PSB Map (with Google Maps)

by bus from Grenoble railway station

- There are two TAG buses you can take. For both bus routes, the journey takes approximately 10 minutes. There is a bus every 10-15 minutes throughout the day until about 9pm, the exact times depend on the period of the year (calendar).

- Bus 34
In front of the Grenoble railway station, cross over the road and take the N°34 (timetable) until the "Polygone Scientifique" stop which is just next to the ILL/ESRF site entrance. There are two terminuses and these are indicated on the front of the bus: "Polygone Scientifique" and "Château": both buses stop at the "Polygone Scientifique".

- Bus 30
Behind the station (Europole side) take the N°30 (timetable) "Gare St Egreve" until the "Place de la Résistance" stop, you then have a few minutes’ walk to the site entrance.

by train

- There are very good train connections from Lyon (100 km) and Paris (600 km) by TGV, the direct, high-speed train.

- Please note that seat reservations on the TGV are mandatory and should be made when you buy your ticket.

- There are also ordinary train connections with Geneva, Chambery, Turin, Valence, Marseilles, Barcelona, etc.

- Visit the SNCF website for timetable and reservations (or telephone +33 (0)8 36676869).
- Visit the Deutsche Bahn web site for timetable (very convenient allover Europe!)

by plane

Lyon St Exupéry

- Lyon’s International Airport (St Exupery, formerly Satolas) is the closest to Grenoble. Visit the Lyon St Exupery website for more information (or telephone +33 (0)4 72225000). Lyons St Exupery Airport is a one-hour drive by car from Grenoble and regular bus shuttles (called ’Satobus’) operate to and from Grenoble bus station (Gare Routière, next to the train station) (timetable).

- You do not even have to go as far as the bus station since the ’Satobus’ shuttle stops near the ESRF site:
Use the bus stops called ’Place de la Resistance’ and marked ’Satobus’ situated close to the roundabout at the ’Pont d’Oxford’ (suspension bridge) motorway exit (these are also stops for the n°30 and n°715 local buses.) You must tell the Satobus driver when boarding at the airport that you want to be dropped off at "Place de la Resistance". Otherwise, despite it being an official stop, the driver may not stop! On your way back to the airport, be sure to use the bus stop on the roundabout and not the bus stop (also called ’Place de la Resistance’!) in front of the CNRS entrance (see map).


- Geneva International Airport is more than a two-hour drive from Grenoble. Bus and train connections to Grenoble exist but are not very frequent. Visit the website of Geneva International Airport for more details (or telephone +41 22 7177111).

- The bus from Geneva-Cointrin Airport (timetable) will drop you off outside the ESRF.

Grenoble Isère

- There is also a regional airport at St Geoirs, named Grenoble-Isère aéroport (40 minutes from Grenoble) that you may use if you are flying from London (one flight a day from London’s Stansted airport). For further details visit the airport website.

- A bus from Grenoble St. Geoirs Airport to Grenoble is provided after every plane landing and stops at Grenoble bus station, which is next to the railway station. The return bus from Grenoble leaves approximately 2h30 minutes before the departure time of each flight. This information is subject to change, please check the airport website or transisère for precise times.