Carl-Ivar Brändén building (CIBB)
71, Avenue des Martyrs
CS 90181
F-38042 Grenoble


Purpose of the platform (operated by IBS in collaboration with ESRF & UVHCI)

Biacore systems

The IBS operates two Biacore machines:

- one Biacore T200
- one Biacore 3000

The ESRF and UVHCI operate one Biacore machine:

- one Biacore X

These four systems use Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) to detect any binding events between two molecules, one of which being immobilized on a chip surface. Main applications are: analysis of binding specificity, affinity measurements, kinetic analysis, screening and competition analysis, epitope and binding site mapping, ligand fishing and supramolecular assembly studies.

Staff in charge of the platform

IBS: Isabelle Bally

In practice

- Location:_ IBS (Biacore 3000, Biacore T200 and Biacore X) and CIBB 1st floor room 103 (Biacore X)

- Access mode:

  • open to academics according to term to define.
  • open to industrials on a service basis and depending on the availability of the instruments.

- How to make a request for the IBS machines:

for booking, please send an email to
— for inexperienced users: contact Nicole Thielens or Jean-Baptiste Reiser
— for maintenance and information: contact Nicole Thielens, Jean-Baptiste Reiser or Isabelle Bally

BIACORE-T200 planning

BIACORE-3000-1 planning