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M2 Course on Nucleic Acids

Programme UE 5313

Thursday afternoon 13h30-16h45, CIBB seminar room.
Responsible: Rob Ruigrok; 04 76 20 72 73;

DNA, nucleosomes, histones, transcription factors

- 16 September Introduction (Rob Ruigrok) - DNA origami (Aurélien Dordor)

- 23 September Structure of DNA_Base miss matching (Gordon Leonard) - Topology of DNA (Jan Bednar)

- 30 September Modification of histones (Cécile Caron)

- 7 October Transcription factors/Zebra and methylated DNA (Carlo Petosa)

- 14 October Structure of DNA (Susana Teixeira) - Double helix film

RNA, viral RNA

- 21 October RNA structure, production of RNA, tRNA synthetases (Thibaut Crepin)

- 4 November - TD

- 18 November - TD

- 25 November Chemistry and biology of short RNAs (Ramesh Pillai)

- 2 December Etudes structurales des ARNs viraux et de leurs complexes par RMN (Jerome Boisbouvier)

- 9 December VSV and rabies virus nucleocapsid, RNA structure, influenza virus polymerase (Rob Ruigrok) - Question session

TD subjects : enzymatic RNAs (ribozymes); Structure yeast polII; Structure and modification yeast polII CTD; Structures functions polI and III; DNA methylation; Telomeres; Centromeres; Rosalind Franklin; DNA packaging in bacteriophages; Structure function of HIV RNA; Structure splicosome

2011 edition of the tutorial in macromolecular crystallography

Announcement of the 2011 edition of the tutorial in macromolecular crystallography

This tutorial has 8 theoretical sessions on fundamental aspects of crystallography of 3 h each and 3 practical sessions of 2 h each which will treat a case study including data collection on a synchrotron beamline. The tutorial will be given in English. The basic sessions will be a mix of lecture and problem solving (rather basic, more of the pencil and paper type).
The tutorial is aimed in the first place at graduate students at UJF, ans PSB. It counts for 3 ECTS credits needed for the "Ecole doctorale" of UJF. If places remain free this tutorial will be open to post-docs and other scientists.

It will take place on Thursday afternoons from 14:00 – 17:00 in the CIBB seminar room on the “Polygone Scientifique”.

- 06.01.11 Space groups, symmetry and twinning: (Wim Burmeister)
- 13.01.11 Reciprocal lattice (Sandor Brockhauser)
- 20.01.11 Diffraction physics and Fourier transform (Wim Burmeister)
- 03.02.11 The diffraction pattern / oscillation method (Hassan Belrhali)
- 10.02.11 Patterson analysis (Daniel Panne)
- 17.02.11 Non-Crystallographic symmetry (Carlo Petosa)
- 24.02.11 Molecular replacement (Hassan Belrhali)
- 10.03.11 Experimental phasing (Gordon Leonard)

Case studies:
- 09.03.11 Data collection on a beamline (part of the case studies)
- 24.03.11 Molecular replacement (Nicolas Tarbouriech, Wim Burmeister)
- 31.03.11 MAD/SAD phasing (Nicolas Tarbouriech, Wim Burmeister)

There are 3 buffer slots, 27.01.11, 03.03.11 and 17.03.11

Please contact Wim Burmeister ( to register for the tutorial and Elena Colas for questions of site entry.