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High-field NMR facility

Purpose of the platform (operated by IBS)

The NMR spectrometers at IBS are open to national and European academic researchers. The RALF-NMR (Rhones-Alpes) Large-Scale Facility provides access to guest researchers and research trainees from the EU and associated countries. French users are eligible for access to the 800 MHz spectrometer, funded by a CNRS-TGIR infrastructure program. Visiting scientists using the research facility will be provided scientific and technical support by the staff members of IBS-LRMN, who may be involved (or not) in collaborative research projects.

The NMR Facility also provide quality control services for the determination of the
- degree of folding of a protein
- quantitative detection of the structural compactness of the protein.
- oligomerisation state of the protein
- interaction of the protein (or acid nucleic) with its partner in solution

Webpage of the platform

- IBS webpage
- National users (CNRS-iR-RMN):[]
- European users (RALF-NMR): []

For NMR quality control services:

Staff in charge of the platform

Researchers at IBS-LRMN

In Practice

Location: Institut de Biologie Structurale. LRMN

How to make a request ?: All requests for access to the facility should be submitted though online proposal forms available at the WEB sites given.

Access mode: see webpage

Cost for the PSB users: None if proposal accepted

Reference and minimum acknowledgment text (grant numbers?) for publications: "Financial support by the Access to Research Infrastructures activity in the 6th Framework Program of the EC (Contract # RII3-026145, EU-NMR) for conducting the research is gratefully acknowledged." for the European platform
"Financial support from the TGE RMN THC for conducting the research is gratefully acknowledged." for the national platform

For quality control services:

- Location: IBS - LRMN

- Access mode: service

- How to make a request: use the form