Carl-Ivar Brändén building (CIBB)
71, Avenue des Martyrs
CS 90181
F-38042 Grenoble


Purpose of the platform (operated by IBS)

Molecular Biology and Protein Expression Automated Platform

RoBioMol does the following steps using robots and dedicated software:

- Design two oligos for PCR amplification of selected gene
- Clone gene into a choice of expression vectors
- Sequence two positive clones
- Fractionate expression strain
- Small‐scale affinity purification (insoluble and soluble fractions)
- Analyses purified protein fractions using SDS‐PAGE and Western blot
- Provides a detailed report (with sequence validation of the gene)
- Delivers the expression system (plasmid)

Web page of the platform


Responsible of the platform

Thierry Vernet
Tel.: 04 38 78 96 81

Staff in charge of the platform

Anne-Marie Villard, Tel.: 04 38 78 92 04
Marjolaine Noirclerc,
Tel.: 04 38 78 56 34

In practice

Location: IBS-LIM room 7206A
Access mode: Service and collaborations
Service cost for PSB users:
- Gene cloning and protein expression/purification test (minimum 24 cloning in the same vector and expression/purification test)
- Gene cloning only (minimum 24 cloning in the same vector)
- Site-directed mutagenesis (24 mutants minimum)

How to make a request: e-mail to to obtain the access password to the server
Upon selection by a scientific committee. For selection criteria and application procedure please contact
If you publish using reagents produced by the RoBioMol platform please refer to the "RoBioMol platform at the IBS (CEA/CNRS/UJF), Grenoble" both in the methods and the acknowledgements section.