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Monday 11 January 2010


PSB et al. n°31 (September 2023)
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Upcoming events

Lecture series - Recent Advances in Structural Biology of the Pathogens

Every Thursdays at 14:00, from 14 September to 7 December 2023, CIBB seminar room

This lecture series is organised within the Master 2 programme “Structural Biology of Pathogens” at the UGA, but is open to everyone. Click the picture for the full programme

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Scientific highlights

The molecular mechanism of snake short-chain alpha-neurotoxin binding to muscle-type nicotinic acetylcholine receptors

by Nys M, Zarkadas E, Brams M, Mehregan A, Kambara K, Kool J, Casewell NR, Bertrand D, Baenziger JE, Nury H, Ulens C.

 Nat Commun PMID: 35927270

Slow protein dynamics probed by time-resolved oscillation crystallography at room temperature

by Aumonier S, Engilberge S, Caramello N, von Stetten D, Gotthard G, Leonard GA, Mueller-Dieckmann C, Royant A

 IUCrJ PMID: 36381146

Structural basis for sequence-independent substrate selection by eukaryotic wobble base tRNA deaminase ADAT2/3

by Dolce LG, Zimmer AA, Tengo L, Weis F, Rubio MAT, Alfonzo JD, Kowalinski E

 Nat Commun PMID: 36347890

Strikingly Different Roles of SARS-CoV-2 Fusion Peptides Uncovered by Neutron Scattering

by Santamaria A, Batchu KC, Matsarskaia O, Prévost SF, Russo D, Natali F, Seydel T, Hoffmann I, Laux V, Haertlein M, Darwish TA, Russell RA, Corucci G, Fragneto G, Maestro A, Zaccai NR

 J Am Chem Soc PMID: 35157798

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Structural analysis of Red1 as a conserved scaffold of the RNA-targeting MTREC/PAXT complex

by Foucher AE, Touat-Todeschini L, Juarez-Martinez AB, Rakitch A, Laroussi H, Karczewski C, Acajjaoui S, Soler-López M, Cusack S, Mackereth CD, Verdel A, Kadlec J

 Nat Commun PMID: 36002457

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