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Cellular Imaging (M4D)

Purpose of the platform (operated by IBS)

The Cellular Imaging platform grants the access to a confocal microscope (spinning disk S-M4D), a video-microscope (V-M4D), and a flow-cytometer (VYB). The instruments are optimized to study living cells.

1 - The confocal microscope (S-M4D; Olympus and Andor) is configurated with a Nipkow wheel (Yogokawa CSU-X1) and 6 solid state lasers for confocal imaging in real time on living cells (very low phototoxicity). Images acquisition are done simultaneously with 2 EMCCD cameras (Andor iXon ultra). A photoconversion/photoactivation module is available.

2 - The video-microscope (V-M4D, Olympus and Perkin Elmer) is, as for the confocal composed of an inverted Olympus IX81 fully motorized microscope equipped with a piezo stage, and an incubation chamber set at 37°C for live imaging. Acquisition is achieved with a sCMOS camera (Hamamtsu Orca Flash4; Volocity)

3 - The flow-cytometer (VYB, Miltenyi biotech) is equipped with three lasers and 8 fluorescence channels. It is optimized for fluorescent proteins, and covers all the emission wavelengths used with microscopy.It is automatable (multiwells plate, immuno-staining, dilutions), and compatible with magnetic columns Miltenyi (isolation of rare events).

4 - Cytometry and microscopy analysis software are available for users in a dedicated room. Three workstations are installed with Volocity and Imaris for microscopy data visualisation and analysis; or MacsQuant and CellQuest for flow cytometry.

5 - Super-resolution PALM/STORM microscope. This is a noncommercial in-house built setup based on a microscope (Olympus IX81), 2 EMCCD cameras (Photometrics) and 5 lasers (405 nm, 488 nm, 532 nm, 561 nm, 643 nm) controlled by an acousto-optic filter (AOTF). The EMCCD cameras are controlled through the Metamorph software, the lasers are controlled through LabVIEW. More details on the IBS web site.

Website of the platform


Responsible of the platform

Jean-Philippe Kleman
Tel: +33 (0)4 57 42 85 31

In Practice

 Location: room 547 in the IBS building

 Access mode: Authorized users can access freely the equipment of the platform (microscope and post-treatment dedicated computer), after they have validated the internal training session, and accepted the conditions of use.
For more complex projects or if a specific expertise is requested (collaboration), we can provide a technical assistance for some or all of the experiments planned (observation and post-treatment).

 Cost: Users are charged for the operation costs calculated per hour . Contact the staff in charge of the platform for further information.