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PSB student organisation

PSB Students Committee

Motivations for its creation

With so much exciting scientific activity happening at the Partnership for Structural Biology in Grenoble, a Students Committee has been formed to represent us (the students of the PSB) and to organise events where students and leading senior scientists can come together to share and discuss ideas, thoughts and to create new scientific networks.

Committee Organisation

The PSB students committee is composed of 5 members, each of which are currently enrolled in a PhD program from either the EMBL, IBS, ESRF or ILL. The members are all at different stages of their PhDs and thus there will be a chance for new students to join the group each year.

The current members are:

 Wikor Adamski (IBS)
 Nina Christou (IBS)
 Hadrien Depernet (ESRF)
 Lukas Gajdos (ILL)
 Joanna Wandzik (EMBL)


In case of doubts, suggestions or remarks you should contact the person from PSB students committee which is responsible for your institute. Like that we can give you a more efficient reply.

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