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PSB Spotlight on “Neutrons in Biology” – 28 June

Event date : Fri 28 June 2024

This PSB Spotlight will comprise of half a day of lectures (in the IBS seminar room) on the different neutron techniques available at the Institut Laue-Langevin which are useful for biology. Lectures will cover small-angle scattering (SANS), reflectometry, crystallography, inelastic scattering, and deuteration. A special focus will be on the complementary information that neutrons provide with respect to other techniques, including X-rays, Cryo-EM and NMR, as well as on the practical requirements on the sample state for the different neutron techniques.

A guided tour of the instruments and laboratories will be organized in the afternoon for a limited number of participants (maximum 40. Registration is mandatory).For more information and registration, please check: https://workshops.ill.fr/e/PSBspotlight