Carl-Ivar Bränden building (CIBB)
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CS 90181
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Themes and platforms

What is the scientific programme of the PSB?

Fundamental and challenging research in structural biology constitutes the core of the science developed in the PSB.

Focus areas include host-pathogen interaction, membrane protein, extreme environments and fundamental cellular processes such as transcription. Although basic research related to human health is a key program, developing new methodologies and techniques for the future of integrated structural biology is also a major issue for the PSB scientists.

What technical platforms are available at the PSB?

There are currently twenty technical platforms at the PSB ranging from protein expression to biophysical methods based on large facilities.

Protein production:

 Standard protein expression (Robiomol)
 Expression of difficult proteins (ESPRIT)
 Multiprotein complex production using advanced baculovirus technologies (EEF)
 Cell Free expression
 Isotopic labelling for neutron or NMR studies

Protein characterisation:

 Molecular interaction studies by SPR
 Sample quality control (MS, sequencing, NMR, EM, AUC)
 in cristallo spectroscopy studies (Cryobench)
 Biophysics Platform (MALLS, ITC, DLS, etc..)

Structure Determination

 Robotic nanovolume crystallisation (screening and optimisation)
 Synchrotron X-ray crystallography
 Neutron Diffraction
 Small angle X-ray and neutron scattering SAXS/SANS
 Negative-stain and cryo- electron microscopy
 High Field NMR