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Monday 11 January 2010


PSB et al. n°22 (January 2019)
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PSB Symposium - Macromolecules in action

EPN Campus
4-5 July 2019

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Scientific highlights

A molecular mechanism for transthyretin amyloidogenesis

by Yee AW, Aldeghi M, Blakeley MP, Ostermann A, Mas PJ, Moulin M, de Sanctis D, Bowler MW, Mueller-Dieckmann C, Mitchell EP, Haertlein M, de Groot BL, Boeri Erba E, Forsyth VT

- Nat commun PMID: 30804345

Structure of an H1-Bound 6-Nucleosome Array Reveals an Untwisted Two-Start Chromatin Fiber Conformation

by Garcia-Saez I, Menoni H, Boopathi R, Shukla MS, Soueidan L, Noirclerc-Savoye M, Le Roy A, Skoufias DA, Bednar J, Hamiche A, Angelov D, Petosa C, Dimitrov S

- Mol Cell PMID: 30392928

Porin self-association enables cell-to-cell contact in Providencia stuartii floating communities

by El-Khatib M, Nasrallah C, Lopes J, Tran QT, Tetreau G, Basbous H, Fenel D, Gallet B, Lethier M, Bolla JM, Pagès JM, Vivaudou M, Weik M, Winterhalter M, Colletier JP

- PNAS PMID: 29476011

Structural analysis of human ARS2 as a platform for co-transcriptional RNA sorting

by Schulze WM, Stein F, Rettel M, Nanao M, Cusack S

- Nat Commun PMID : 29703953

Tracking the route of molecular oxygen in O2-tolerant membrane-bound [NiFe] hydrogenase

by Kalms J, Schmidt A, Frielingsdorf S, Utesch T, Gotthard G, von Stetten D, van der Linden P, Royant A,, Mroginski MA, Carpentier P, Lenz O, Scheerer P

- PNAS PMID: 29463722

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