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Monday 11 January 2010


PSB et al. n°18 (January 2017)
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Upcoming events

PSB spotlight on NMR

IBS seminar room
Thursday 16 February 2017

The PSB announces the launch of a new initiative in 2017, entitled "PSB Spotlights". These one-day scientific meetings will comprise introductory talks and practicals/tutorials focused on a specific technique, methodology or resource. Spotlight events aim to inform local students and researchers on how to exploit these techniques to advance their research projects. The overall aim is to heighten awareness of opportunities offered by the PSB’s rich scientific and platform environment.
The first PSB Spotlight event is dedicated to NMR and will take place on Thursday February 16. For the full program click on the image below:

PDF - 544.4 kb

Two additional PSB Spotlights on the PDB/EMDB databases and on Molecular Dynamics are planned for 2017.

"Introduction to Advanced & Emerging Biophysical Methods for Integrative Biology" lecture series

IBS seminar room
13:00 - 14:00, every Wednesdays Jan 2017-Jun 2017 & Oct 2017 -March 2018

The third edition of the IBS special lecture series "Introduction to Advanced & Emerging Biophysical Methods for Integrative Biology" will start in January 18. Lectures are open to all interested. PhD students are especially encouraged to attend and they will earn credits for attending from their doctoral schools.
The series is divided in 2 sessions (Jan 2017-Jun 2017 & Oct 2017 -March 2018), and the the seminars will be given in English at the IBS on Wednesdays at 13:00. For the full schedule click here :

PDF - 10.2 kb
Advanced&Emerging methods 2017

Instruct Biennial Structural Biology Meeting 2017

Brno, Czech Republic
24–26 May 2017

For more information and registration check HERE

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PSB Newsletter


Influenza Polymerase Can Adopt an Alternative Configuration Involving a Radical Repacking of PB2 Domains

By Thierry E, Guilligay D, Kosinski J, Bock T, Gaudon S, Round A, Pflug A, Hengrung N, El Omari K, Baudin F, Hart DJ, Beck M, Cusack S.

- Mol Cell PMID : 26711008

Asymmetric ring structure of Vps4 required for ESCRT-III disassembly

By Caillat C, Macheboeuf P, Wu Y, McCarthy AA, Boeri-Erba E, Effantin G, Göttlinger HG, Weissenhorn W, Renesto P.

- Nat Commun PMID : 26632262

Hydration water mobility is enhanced around tau amyloid fibers

By Fichou Y, Schirò G, Gallat FX, Laguri C, Moulin M, Combet J, Zamponi M, Härtlein M, Picart C, Mossou E, Lortat-Jacob H, Colletier JP, Tobias DJ, Weik M.

- PNAS. PMID : 25918405

MeshAndCollect : an automated multi-crystal data-collection workflow for synchrotron macromolecular crystallography beamlines

By Zander U, Bourenkov G, Popov AN, de Sanctis D, Svensson O, McCarthy AA, Round E, Gordeliy V, Mueller-Dieckmann C, Leonard GA.

- Acta Cryst D. PMID : 26527148